Alcohol Detection/Deterrence

Detect and Deter!

PAS helps keep your school alcohol free and your students safe with the PAS IV Sniffer. “Sniffs” breath and open containers or enclosed spaces for the presence of alcohol. Ideal for use on Campus, at Dances and  Sporting Events.

PAS Vr Alcohol Screening Device

The PAS Vr is a hand-held, rapid alcohol detection and screening instrument that may be used passively (without a mouthpiece) or actively (with a mouthpiece) to quickly determine the presence of alcohol.

Mark V - LE - $295.00

Finally, an affordable "in your pocket" NHTSA certified Evidential-grade Breath Alcohol Testing Device (EBT) can be found on the NHTSA Conforming Products List (CPL).The MARK-V offers durability and simple 2-button operation. Simply the turn the unit on and it automatically conducts an air blank and then enters into test mode.Designed for use in a variety of applications: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Emergency Rooms, Alcohol Treatment, Probation, Schools and Workplace Safety Testing.

MARS - $110.00

Alcovisor® MARS

 NHTSA certified, hand-held Alcohol Screening Device with large 1.75" x 1.0" LCD digital display.


Keep your school events alcohol-free and your students safe. Kick off your "Zero Tolerance" program the right way- with the Zero Alcohol Tolerance (ZAT) Kit.

Zero Alcohol Tolerance Sign - Aluminum... made for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors.