PAS V Accessories

Replacement AC Power Supply Adapter for the PAS III, PAS IV or PAS V
3-Mode LED Lamp Module
Replacement lamp module for the PAS V or retrofit your current PAS IV Passive Alcohol Flashlight with the 3-mode LED light module. The light provides 3 modes of beam: High, Low & Strobe, increased lumens, optimized light dispersion, and longer battery life per charge.
Replacement Auto Adapter for charging the Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
Replacement Carrying Case for the Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
Industrial Grade NiMH Rechargeable Battery for the Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
Replacement PAS IV/ PAS V AC/DC Fast Charger
PAS IV Passive Alcohol Sensor Battery Charger
The PAS IV/ PAS V Dock Charger is an auxiliary nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery charging system. The Dock Charger can be used as a "stand alone" charger or can be mated with the AC/DC Charger/Cradle.
Red traffic cone
Increase your visibility and safety when directing traffic.