Personal Use Breath Testers

The Alcovisor MARS BT personal breathalyzer is a NHTSA certified alcohol screening device PLUS is equipped with Bluetooth for connection with your mobile phone. The free "Alcovisor" app is available for download from Google Play or the App store and allows you to see your results, track your alcohol history and record comments about your previous results. 
This ultra compact, highly portable personal breathalyzer uses Fuel Cell sensor technology which provides accurate reliable results. Simply download the "Alcovisor" app from Google Play or the App store, connect the Click to your smartphones audio jack and you're ready for testing.Available in White, Purple or Black
Alcovisor® MARS NHTSA certified, hand-held Alcohol Screening Device with large 1.75" x 1.0" LCD digital display. 
Alcovisor® SatelliteNHTSA certified, hand-held Alcohol Screening Device with flashlight feature and a built-in powerbank that allows you to use the unit to charge other USB devices.