Wet Bath Simulators and Accessories

Certified Stock Solutions are available in concentrations of 0.010%, 0.020%, 0.040%, 0.050% 0.080%, 0.100%. Other concentrations (such as 0.120%, 0.150%, 0.200%, etc.)may be available upon request, but will take longer to ship from vendor. All concentrations are premixed and sealed in 500ml bottles.

PAS Cal Pump - $79.00

The PAS Calibration Pump attaches easily to the wet bath simulator with airtight tubing to ensure a consistent air sample flow.
The 3402C, processor controlled water alcohol simulator, with a digital display is designed for the purpose of providing a standard alcohol-air mixture. 
Wet Bath Simulator Kit
A comprehensive wet bath simulator kit includes all you need to calibrate your breath alcohol instruments.