Wet Bath Simulator

Price: $579.00

The 3402C, processor controlled water alcohol simulator, with a digital display is designed for the purpose of providing a standard alcohol-air mixture. 

The 3402C Breath Alcohol Simulator is a specially designed, state of the art, constant temperature, water alcohol instrument for the express purpose of providing a standard alcohol-air mixture.


  • Four Digit Display
  • Ultra Stable
  • All Electronic Construction
  • High Temperature Automatic Shut Off protection
  • No Hazardous Materials
  • Clear Plastic Jar


  • Power requirementsL 108-130 VAC
  • Accuracy: +/- .02 C; +/- LSD
  • OperatingTemperature: 34C
  • Solution Volume: 500ml
  • Warm-up Time: 7-8 minutes @ 25C
  • Stability: +/- .02C;  +/- 1LSD


One Year Parts and Labor Warranty