“Joe’s Law” Passes AZ Senate Committee

joseph smith
Arizona State Senate Bill 1045 passed a senate panel on the 26th with unanimous 7-0 approval, and will advance to the full state legislature for action. The bill –... Read More

MD Continues Battle Against Repeat Offenders with New Initiatives

October 1, 2016 marked the commencement of Maryland’s new set of guidelines for those convicted of DUI. These new provisions were set down by Senate Bill 945, dubbed... Read More

Jupiter Software v2.40 New Features

Starting back in November, PAS Systems released a new software version for the Jupiter, v2.40, which came with several new features and changes. From this point forward all... Read More

“I Need Help, Not Jail” The Benefits of Sobriety and Drug Court Systems

Addiction Road Sign
Drug and alcohol addiction are some of the most insidious and pervasive problems someone can face in their life, and one of the costliest for many communities to cope with.... Read More

Is 0.05 Legal Limit Looming in the Near Future?

Utah House of Representatives
The United States has lagged behind most of the rest of the northern hemisphere in terms of the strictness of our maximum legal BAC reading. It was a tough sell to get all... Read More

Facts about the PAS IV and V Flashlight Alcohol Sensor

Jim Hollowood explains uses of the PAS IV and V for DUI stops.

PAS System's devices to help determine a medical emergency

Lt. Jim Hollowood explains how to determine that you may be dealing with a medical emergency.  Sometimes you may be able to save a life.