Affordable Touch Screen Technology in a PBT

August 24, 2015 - PBTs

Today, there are many choices for a hand-held and fully field-ready PBT for alcohol sensing. But there is only one that is suitable for all of your sensing needs. The Alcovisor - Mercury by PAS Systems International will be the officer's friendliest tool for the twenty-first century.

Working with a mouthpiece on many types of other devices can sometimes have a unique set of do's and don'ts. Some require training and practice in order to get it right. With the Alcovisor – Mercury (Mercury), the learning curve is very intuitive. In fact, you might say there is no curve at all. Simply take the mouthpiece out of it’s sanitary wrapper. Look for the blue LED light at the top of the device, and insert the mouth piece end into the waiting port. Begin the test. The tube is long enough so that the officer stands very little chance of getting too close to the subject. Then when the sample is complete, just launch the mouthpiece with the eject button located on the side of the device. No mess, no touching. You get a smooth and easy sample.

As you fire up the Mercury you will notice that it does almost everything for you. Touch the screen’s Test Icon with your finger and it will automatically go into the test mode. For example, the Air Blank, the Computer Chip Self Test, and so on.

If you choose, you can enter a test subject’s personal info as well as the officer’s info, the test site info, or any other info you deem necessary. These questions can be pre-programmed into the device and the officer can answer them with the built in stylus. This info will appear with the record of the test. Also, you can simply choose to keep this feature turned off. You will have the ability to turn it on again when you decide you want to use it. The device will read “please Blow” and you have the test subject blow evenly through the mouth piece. You will get both an audio and a visual cue. When the sample icon fills up with color and the sample has been taken, the Mercury will stop automatically. If you happen to have a difficult subject, and they seem unwilling to work with you, no problem. You can press the “Manual Sample” button at any time. You will have a very fast result time.

Devices sometimes get a little friendly abuse while officers try to do their difficult jobs of keeping our streets safer. The tough rubberized housing will help to keep the interior parts working great for many years to come. There is a place for a lanyard, which can also be ordered with your device. Many officers like to hook these devices quickly onto their duty belt while helping a subject comply with instructions; they don’t have time to figure out how to “baby” a particular device. The Mercury will not stand in your way, just hook-it and go, it can take it.

All tests are remembered by the Mercury and can be recalled at anytime, either out on the road during the F.S.T. procedure or back at the office while doing the reports. This device also has the ability to download all tests to your computer to be viewed and worked with in Microsoft Excel. You can download just a single test or you can download a range of tests. Downloading can be done by either a date-range or a test-number range. This is great for reporting on school events and under-aged drinking parties where multiple tests are given on any given night.

Training for this device is always available through a variety of formats. Depending on the needs, we can contour our training specific to your agency. They can sometimes be done in person or via internet based webinars. These can be scheduled at your convenience or to coincide with other types of interdepartmental training. Yes, There will be a test at the end, but the NHTSA recognized certification will be well worth it.

Please call and inquire about a demonstration today.

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