Jupiter Software v2.40 New Features

January 30, 2017 - PBTs


Starting back in November, PAS Systems released a new software version for the Jupiter, v2.40, which came with several new features and changes. From this point forward all Jupiters will be outfitted with this newest software version, and this post will outline those changes that effect the user interface. In addition to these noticeable changes, there were also several changes made for the optimization of the operating system that make it impossible to retrofit this new software on units with v2.38 or older.            New Features/ Changes:

  • Air Blank Lock – When entering test mode, if the air blank test result is greater than 0.000%, the Jupiter will not proceed into the test. Instead it will continue to display the blank result and present the option to either initiate a new blank test or return to the main menu. This feature is beneficial because it guarantees that tests which would be confounded by alcohol left over from previous tests or a contaminant from the ambient air cannot be taken.
  • Extra Field – In addition to the ten fillable fields that are available via the advanced settings menu, the signature field will always appear on the printout.
  • Calibration Period – An additional setting is available in the Cal. Per section of the advanced settings menu; the number of tests allowed before the calibration reminder activates can now be set to “unlimited.” This allows a user to rely only on the date between calibrations to activate this function.
  • Countdown Timer – The Jupiter now features a built-in 15-minute countdown timer that can be activated through the advanced settings menus subcategory “Blanklock.” This feature will automatically activate a countdown timer when a test yields a result greater than 0.019%. The unit will stay on and display the result - which can be printed at this time – until the timer reaches zero, at which point another test can be taken. This feature takes the guesswork out of observing the 15-minute wait period required between a positive screening and confirmation for workplace testing, and can easily be enabled/disabled through the advanced settings menu.
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