School Resource Officers using PAS devices

January 10, 2016 -

School Resource Officers (SRO) questions and answers.

In an interview with Lt. Jim Hollowood of the Temple, GA Police Department the topic of using the PAS product lines for SRO purposes was discussed.

Mark V LE PBT:

Question:  Can the Mark V LE PBT be used in a school setting?

Answer:  Yes, it can be used if the student is suspected of ingesting alcohol before, during, or after school hours.

Question:  Is there something about the Mark V LE PBT in particular that would make it ideal for use in a school setting?

Answer:  Absolutely.  It's ability to assign a unique test number to each test taken.

Question:  What does that mean for the SRO?

Answer:  It gives them the ability to assign the number to the student who took the test.  Also since the test can be downloaded, the officer can use it in a report about that individual.  It is just a matter of clicking and saving.

PAS V Flashlight True-passive alcohol sensor

Question:  Are there any investigative opportunities when examining a scene that the PAS V Flashlight alcohol sensor can contribute to, more than any other competing devices?

Answer:  Yes, the PAS V Flashlight has the ability to sniff for the presence of alcohol in or around lockers, book bags, and even over opened containers at extra school activities and sporting events.

PAS Systems International has some powerful tools for the SRO to use in their daily activities.