PAS Sniffer Flashlight

The Handy Multi-Tool of Alcohol Sensing – The PAS Vr.

From a Law Enforcement perspective, the PAS Vr is considered to be the ultimate Hand-held multi-tool for alcohol sensing.  From its sturdy hard plastic case with its... Read More

Mark V Breathalyzer

One of the Easiest Field-Ready Alcohol Sensing Devices Available – The Alcovisor Mark V

As the demand in law enforcement grows for more compact and easy to use equipment and devices, the Alcovisor Mark V with its rugged design and cutting edge technology make... Read More

True-Passive Alcohol Sensing using the SNIFFER Flashlight

The use of cover-ups by subjects in the field is a common occurrence.  It seems they believe that by simply covering the smell of an alcoholic beverage, that a trained... Read More