Accessories & Testing Supplies

Replacement AC Power Supply Adapter for the PAS III, PAS IV or PAS V
AC Adapter (charging cable) for Alcovisor® Jupiter instrument and Alcovisor® MARK V and Mercury printer battery.
Alcovisor® Jupiter and Mercury Sampling Cups: Pack of 4
Alcovisor® Mouthpieces: 10 per bag.
Download to PC Software with USB Cable and User Manual
Alcovisor® Jupiter/Mercury Mouthpieces: 100 per bag.
Replacement Auto Adapter for charging the Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
Replacement Carrying Case for the Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
Industrial Grade NiMH Rechargeable Battery for the Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
PAS IV Breath Alcohol Detector Calibration Adapter
Calibration Adapter Assembly for use in the Wet Bath Calibration of the PAS IV Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight.
Replacement PAS IV/ PAS V AC/DC Fast Charger
PAS Vr Mouthpieces: 50 per bag
Push Button Regulator 1.5 LPM
Be visible instantly up to 1/4 mile day or night! Immediately take control of the scene allowing Motorists/Pedestrians to respond safely.
4 rolls per package
Trigger Regulator 1.5 LPM
Zero Alcohol Tolerance Sign - Aluminum... made for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors.