Fuel Cells

PAS specializes in the design and manufacture of electrochemical sensors for fuel cells that accurately detect the presence of alcohol in a person's breath, in the ambient air, from an open beverage container or enclosed spaces.



If square is not your game then try our NEW PAS Qtr A compact round cell case that fits almost anywhere a hardy high temperature or low temperature design is desired.

Round Standard

Round Standard

Another option is the round 32mm cell used in several Passive instrument designs.

Mini Fuel Cell for Ignition Interlock or Breathalyzers

PAS Mini

The PAS004 Mini-A fuel cell for those compact designs that provides all the capabilities of the large cells. This design has already found success with a major ignition interlock application but is ideal for the compact hand-held instruments.

Array of Cell Designs

Check this array of cell designs. If you don’t see something here that meets your needs give us a call and together our engineers and yours will work out a solution.

PAS Systems endeavors to meet all of your electrochemical fuel cell needs along with providing decades of experience in engineering and design of fuel cell cases, fuel cell chemistry, heaters and sampling systems of many types. Getting ready to start a development programs for a new generation ignition interlock device, modifying an existing design, or adding an electrochemical fuel cell capability to an evidential instrument, PAS is the one to call. EXPERIENCED, PROVEN CAPABILITY & EXISTING INTEGRATED OPERATING ALCOHOL SYSTEMS WORLDWIDE!