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         Sobriety Checkpoints ~ Traffic Stops

          Service Member Dorm Inspections

                               Motor Pool ~ Clinic

        Substance Abuse Program Monitoring

PAS System’s line of Breath Alcohol Testers can help make your military installation's Substance Abuse Program a success at all levels.  PAS  Breath Alcohol Detectors are not only unsurpassed in their ability to detect alcohol but their use serves as a strong deterrent & alcohol awareness tool to help ensure that our military service members are always fit for duty.

Finally, an affordable "in your pocket" NHTSA certified Evidential-grade Breath Alcohol Testing Device (EBT) can be found on the NHTSA Conforming Products List (CPL).The MARK-V offers durability and simple 2-button operation. Simply the turn the unit on and it automatically conducts an air blank and then enters into test mode.Designed for use in a variety of applications: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Emergency Rooms, Alcohol Treatment, Probation, Schools and Workplace Safety Testing.


  PAS V helps formulate probable cause without the subject's involvement.

"Sniffs" breath, open containers or enclosed spaces for the presence of alcohol.

 Hands-Free. No Mouthpiece Required."Zero Alcohol Tolerance" screening and access control solution. Hands free passive alcohol screening with color coded visual prompts and an audible alarm.

PAS Vr Alcohol Screening Device

A NHTSA certified alcohol screening device (ASD) featuring both passive alcohol screening (no mouthpiece needed) and direct measurements (using a mouthpiece) with the flip of a switch.

TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY comes to breath alcohol testing instruments with the NHTSA certified  MERCURY ALCOVISOR.The Mercury-LE uses an alcohol specific Platinum Electrochemical fuel cell paired with touch screen technology making this a valuable tool for Law Enforcement in establishing probable cause.NHTSA Certified Evidential Breath TesterCE MarkRoHS Approved

Download to PC Software with USB Cable and User Manual

Alcovisor® Satellite

NHTSA certified, hand-held Alcohol Screening Device with flashlight feature and a built-in powerbank that allows you to use the unit to charge other USB devices.


Alcovisor® MARS

 NHTSA certified, hand-held Alcohol Screening Device with large 1.75" x 1.0" LCD digital display.


Be visible instantly up to 1/4 mile day or night! Immediately take control of the scene allowing Motorists/Pedestrians to respond safely.