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         Sobriety Checkpoints ~ Traffic Stops

          Service Member Dorm Inspections

                               Motor Pool ~ Clinic

        Substance Abuse Program Monitoring

PAS System’s line of Breath Alcohol Testers can help make your military installation's Substance Abuse Program a success at all levels.  PAS  Breath Alcohol Detectors are not only unsurpassed in their ability to detect alcohol but their use serves as a strong deterrent & alcohol awareness tool to help ensure that our military service members are always fit for duty.

Finally, an affordable "in your pocket" NHTSA certified Evidential-grade Breath Alcohol Testing Device (EBT) can be found on the NHTSA Conforming Products List (CPL).The MARK-V offers durability and simple 2-button operation. Simply the turn the unit on and it automatically conducts an air blank and then enters into test mode.Designed for use in a variety of applications: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Emergency Rooms, Alcohol Treatment, Probation, Schools and Workplace Safety Testing.

PAS V Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight


  PAS V helps formulate probable cause without the subject's involvement.

"Sniffs" breath, open containers or enclosed spaces for the presence of alcohol.

 "Zero Alcohol Tolerance" screening and access control solution. Hands free passive alcohol screening with color coded visual prompts and an audible alarm.

PAS Vr Alcohol Screening Device

A NHTSA certified alcohol screening device (ASD) featuring both passive alcohol screening (no mouthpiece needed) and direct measurements (using a mouthpiece) with the flip of a switch.

Mercury Alcohol Breath Tester

TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY comes to breath alcohol testing instruments with the NHTSA certified  MERCURY ALCOVISOR.The Mercury-LE uses an alcohol specific Platinum Electrochemical fuel cell paired with touch screen technology making this a valuable tool for Law Enforcement in establishing probable cause.NHTSA Certified Evidential Breath TesterCE MarkRoHS Approved

Download to PC Software with USB Cable and User Manual

Alcovisor® Satellite

NHTSA certified, hand-held Alcohol Screening Device with flashlight feature and a built-in powerbank that allows you to use the unit to charge other USB devices.


Alcovisor® MARS

 NHTSA certified, hand-held Alcohol Screening Device with large 1.75" x 1.0" LCD digital display.


Be visible instantly up to 1/4 mile day or night! Immediately take control of the scene allowing Motorists/Pedestrians to respond safely.