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PAS Systems offers high quality drug tests at affordable prices.
  • Saliva Drug Screens


  • Drug Testing Cups


  • AquilaScan-- Complete Mobile Testing System -Coming Soon!




AquilaScan II Oral Fluid Drug Screener

With the AquilaScan II, an oral fluid sample is collected by using the sponge to swab the inside of the subject's mouth. Once the sample is obtained, the test cassette is then inserted into the analyzer unit.

Reliable and Accurate

  • Oral Fluid Levels Correlate Better to Blood Levels Than Urine
  • Indicates RECENT Use and Possible CURRENT Impairment; Unlike Urine Testing
  • Self-Calibrates
  • Indicates On Screen Invalid Tests or Expired Cassettes
  • The Bar Code Reader Scans Each Test Cassette to Check For Expiration Date and Verify the Correct Drug Panel and Cut Off Levels.

The observable collection process eliminates the chances for adulteration while avoiding cross-gender observation concerns.

Unsurpassed Data Management System

  • Bar Code Reader Allows the Subject's Drivers Licenses to be Scanned and Automatically Entered into the Test Record.
  • A Photographic Record of Each Test is Taken and Recorded Along with the Results.
  • Complete and Customizable Data Collection
  • Results Can be Printed, Stored or Downloaded to a PC

The integrated data managment system helps eliminate possible sources of human error, ensuring proper chain of custody.

ONLY for use with the PAS TOXWIPE 6 Cassettes #705-06-01.


AquilaScan Kit Includes:

AquilaScan Oral Fluid Drug Analyzer Unit
Hard Plastic Carrying Case
Leather Belt Pouch
On-Board Printer                                              
5 Rolls Thermal Print Paper                                                                                               
2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
External Charging Base- Keep one battery charging while one is in use!
AC/Auto Adapters
Instruction Manual
1 Year Warranty: Parts and Labor on Manufacturing Defects
        Please Call 1-800-660-7643 for more information.




12 Panel Urine Drug Test Cup w/ 3 Adulterants (Case of 25 cups)

Price: $143.75

The Rapid Multi-Drug Test Cup is a simple to administer, all inclusive drug screen. (25 cups per box)

Product Features

Lid tighten Indicator design

Adulterants and Temperature Strip

Minimum fill volume of only 20 ml

Results stable up to 30 minutes


Product Specifications

Specimen: Urine

Accuracy: >99%

Time to Result: Within 5 minutes

Shelf Life: 24 months

Certificates: FDA 510k approval, CLIA waived and CE marked


Drug-impaired driving is more complex than alcohol-impaired driving for many reasons. The
AquilaScan provides the objective preliminary screening needed to aid officers in DUID evaluation.

Specimen collection is EASY.

The indicator on the swab will turn red when sufficient sample has been collected.

Analysis is FAST.

After the initial test stabilization period, analysis of the results takes seconds.

Results are ACCURATE.

On screen directions and built-in timer help to ensure the testing process is completed correctly. Use of the AquilaScan provides objective results by eliminating human reading errors.

do more with your drug screen results

  • Stores Photographic Evidence of Drug Screen Results
  • Built-in Printer
  • Scan Donor's Drivers License
  • Complete and Customizable Data Collection
    • Operator Name
    • Operator Number
    • Department
    • Name of Subject
    • License Number: Enter Manually or Scan
    • Gender of Subject
    • Date of Birth
    • Location of Device
    • Test Type
    • FIVE Customizable Fields
    • Results Can Be Printed, Stored or Downloaded to a PC

The Oral Fluid Advantage

Strong Correlation to Impairment

Saliva Drug Tests measure the parent compound of a drug. It is this parent compound that is a psychoactive component of the drug. Drugs that are in the blood are simultaneously found in the saliva. Drugs detected in the saliva are therefore also in the blood and reaching the brain where they are causing impairment. Saliva levels correlate to blood levels better than urine.

Eliminate Adulteration

Supervised collection eliminates the opportunity for concealed adulteration. Adulterants that can be found on the market have not been found to interfere with the test results when the test is performed correctly.

Tried-and-True Technology

Enzyme immunoassay (EIA); a proven and reliable methodology for routine drug testing. The sam technology that has long been used for urine drug screens. As with all rapid Oral Fluid Drug tests, presumptive positive results must be confirmed by a more specific alternative method such as GC/MS or LC/MS/MS.

Legal Validation

Oral Fluid now meets the Frye Standard of "general acceptance" in State Court.

No Special Handling or Disposal Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not consider oral fluid a biohazard material.