34 Liter Dry Gas (Ethanol Breath Standard) Cylinder Kit

Price: $228.00

Dry Gas Cylinders Kits combine a Dry Gas Cylinder and regulator (two styles available) into one convenient package.

Approved for DOT use


This product requires additional Hazmat Shipping Fees.

  • Dry Gas cylinders offer ease of use and portability over the wet bath simulator for conducting Accuracy Checks and Calibration
  • Approved for DOT use
  • Fits inside all Alcovisor DOT-2 and DOT-3 breath alcohol test kit cases
  • 34 Liter lightweight aluminum tank, 500 psi
  • Average number of tests: 175
  • Choice of either Push Button or Trigger regulator

For additional concentration options, please contact PAS Systems at 800-660-7643 for assistance