AlcoTorch Passive Alcohol Sensor

Price: $395.00

The AlcoTorch is designed to provide fast and easy detection of alcohol through passive screening. 

The AlcoTorch is ideal for use in situations where quick subsequent screenings of multiple individuals is necessary. Identify risky behavior and keep students safe while saving time and money with alcohol screening that requires no mouthpieces. 

Sampling Method: A small amount of air is drawn in by a pump which delivers the sample to a fuel cell sensor for processing. Sampling the air via a pump allows for the screening of ambient air, breath and open containers for the presence of alcohol.   

Alcohol Readings: The AlcoTorch uses a colored lighting system: If no alcohol is present = green light. If 0.01 to 0.04 = orange light. If >0.04 = red light. 



✔High Specificity Electrochemical Fuel Cell Alcohol Sensor

✔Dynamic Sampling System draws in the air sample ‒ No mouthpieces required    

✔Colored Lights indicate the approximate level of alcohol detected     

✔Short Interval time for measurement, results and return to standby   

✔Optical-acoustic signaling of alcohol alert alarm

✔Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 

✔Battery level indicator    

✔Rubberized secure grip handle

✔Flashlight Modes: Alert Red, Bright White, High, Low, or Flashing



Fuel Cell

Measuring mode

Auto Sampling, Passive/Manual Sampling

Pumping mode

Continuous Pump


1.3” TFT LCD Color Display


265g (Including Battery)


323mm x 45mm x 45mm

Operating Temperature

23°F to 122°F

Storage Temperature

-22°F to 158°F


3.7V / 1,500mAh 18500 Lithium Battery

Battery Life

6 hours, >4000 tests


8000 tests


At the standard concentration 0.04% BAC

-Blowing distance 3cm: +0.005%

-Blowing distance 6cm: +0.006%

-Blowing distance 10cm: +0.010%

Detection Range

0-0.2% BAC


0.0005% BAC

Testing Time

1-15 seconds

Torch Features

Bright white, High, Low and Flash

Baton Features

Alert Red, Bright and Flash

Power Saving Mode

Under alcohol testing mode, unit will auto-off after 5 mins. Under Torch and Baton mode, this function is disabled.