Nightlock Lockdown - 3/8" Standard Profile Floor Plate

Price: $59.95

This FAST & EASY Classroom Door Barricade allows a teacher to immediately lock the door from inside the classroom during extreme emergencies, intruder alerts and active killer drills. In the event of a real emergency, the Nightlock Lockdown provides the vital delay needed until law enforcement can respond.

NIGHTLOCK LOCKDOWN: Classroom Door Barricade

  • The ability to lockdown from inside the classroom eliminates exposure during a hostile intruder/active killer situation.
  • Quickly and easily provides the barrier needed to keep students and staff safe until help arrives.
  • Unit is anchored securely to the floor and available in either a regular or low profile floor plate. The low profile plate has smooth beveled edges, is only 1/8" high and is designed to be used in high traffic areas.
  • Laboratory testing has shown that the Lockdown can withstand 1100 lbs of force.
  • Works on both outward and inward swinging doors.
  • Positioning at the floor level eliminates the ability of the intruder or active shooter to break a door window, reach in and gain access to the door knob lever.
  • The Lockdown "quick-release" tool is designed for use by school administrators, or fire and police personnel, in the event that access needs to be gained from outside of the locked door.
  • Easy to install

Nightlock Lockdown kit includes:

  • Door plate
  • Either a regular or low profile floor plate
  • Screws, binding post bolts and anchors for cement floors
  • Locking Handle: -NOTE: One (1) locking handle will be included with each Nightlock Lockdown unit ordered. Additional locking handles are available for purchase.