PAS 3-Mode LED Lamp Module

  • 3-Mode LED Lamp Module

Price: $59.00

Replacement lamp module for the PAS V or retrofit your current PAS IV Passive Alcohol Flashlight with the 3-mode LED light module. The light provides 3 modes of beam: High, Low & Strobe, increased lumens, optimized light dispersion, and longer battery life per charge.

  • 3 Modes:
    • High
    • Low
    • Strobe
  • Increase lumens to 1000...almost 4Xs the lumens provided by the standard PAS IV halogen light assembly
  • Optimized light dispersion with an intense center beam
  • Up to 3Xs longer continuous use per battery charge:
    • 65 minutes on High
    • 190 minutes on Low
  • 30,000 hours of operating life

Easy to follow instructions for changing out the lamp modules is included.