PAS Clip Mate Alcohol Screening System

Price: $449.00

The PAS Clip Mate is a non-intrusive passive/active alcohol detection system built within an aluminum forms holder/clipboard.

This hand-held instrument is capable of covert or overt rapid alcohol detection using a platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor of high alcohol specificity, accuracy and stability. The operator-controlled sampling system guarantees accurate detection of alcohol, and is especially suited for quick subsequent measurements.

Product Name PAS Clip Mate Alcohol Screening System
Function Combines both active and passive testing for detecting low levels of alcohol in exhaled breath or the environment.
Alcohol Sensor Platinum Elctrochemical fuel cell with integrated heater that generates an electrical current in response to alcohol vapor.
Cell Heater Built-in heater regulates fuel cell temperatur at 104F (40C).
Specificity Fuel cell detects only alcohol. It is unaffected by acteone, paint or glue fumes, foods, confectionary, methane, and practically any other substance likely to be found in the breath.
Breath Sample Pump runs for 5 seconds and draws in a 1 cu. in. (15ml) air sample (nominal figures).
Display Color-coded 9-element LED bargraph and numeric display of alcohol level.
Peak Reading Within 15-20 seconds; longer at lower temperatures.
Recovery Time A few seconds to minutes after a positive reading; longer if fuel cell is overloaded.
Power Supply 9-volt Alkaline Battery
Battery Capacity Approximately 400 tests.
Environmental Operating temperature range: 0 to 104F (-18 to +40C). The PAS Clip Mate housing is weather resistant.
Dimensions 8.75" (22.5cm) w x 13.5" (34.0cm) l x 1.50" (3.8cm) d 
Weight 24oz (0.7kg) with battery