PAS IV Passive Alcohol Sensor LED Flashlight with HGN Secondary Light

Price: $675.00

Truly passive alcohol testing- NO mouthpiece and NO blowing required.

Professional breathalyzer technology in a passive testing design make it ideal for Zero Alcohol Tolerance settings.

PAS IV Passive Alcohol Sensor with 3-mode LED Flashlight

Alcohol testing of students is fast and reliable with the PAS IV Passive Alcohol Sensor. Alcohol detection capabilities, coupled with a flashlight design, are optimal for use at nightime outdoor events, low lighting settings and parking lot patrols.

This hand-held, rapid alcohol detection instrument uses a platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor of high alcohol specificity, accuracy and stability. The operator-controlled sampling system guarantees accurate detection of alcohol, and is especially suited for quick subsequent measurements making it ideal for use in a school setting. A push of a button, activates the sampling system which draws air into the sensor - No Mouthpiece or blowing required. Once a sample is analyzed, a light sensor utilizing ten colored bars will illuminate, from green to red - the more alcohol present, the more bars glow.

The PAS IV can also be used to detect open containers of alcoholic beverages, or to detect low, ambient levels of alcohol in enclosed spaces such as lockers.

The PAS IV Kit Includes:

  • Carrying Case                                                         Never Underestimate the Power of Deterrence
  • AC Adapter                                        Passive alcohol screeners work not only because kids fear being caught,
  • Auto Adapter                                     but also because they give students a safety net. Students can "say no"
  • Recharging System                             to peer pressure, citing the fear of detection & its consequences.
  • Rechargeable Battery                                                                                   High School Vice Prinicipal, Pennsylvania
  • Instruction Manual
  • Twelve Month Warranty on parts & labor. Two-year fuel cell warranty