PAS IV/V Operator Training Course

Price: $29.95

PAS IV/PAS V Alcohol Sensor Flashlight Certified Operator Training Course. Through video instruction and exam, the course covers the principles behind the technology, key features of the flashlight and sensor, as well as instruction on the proper use of the device.


Careful review of this video, along with the owner's manual, will prepare and qualify the user for implementing the PAS IV/ PAS V flashlight in a reliable and precise procedure for the screening of subjects for the presence of alcohol.

This video course will cover the following about the PAS Alcohol Sensor Flashlight:

  • Principles of Operation
  • How the Device Works
  • Instrument Features
  • Preparing the Instrument for Use
  • Conditions Required for Performing a Test
  • Conditions for the Test Subject
  • Performing a Speciman Sampling
  • Interpreting the Display

When purchasing the Video Training Course, you will receive an email with the  link and password required to access the video. To complete the Training Course and recieve an Operator's Certifcate, you will need to contact PAS Systems by phone or email to receive your Instrument Proficiency Test. Once completed and returned, your Certificate will be issued.