PAS Sentry- Wall-Mounted, Passive Breath Alcohol Testing Device

Price: $549.00

 Hands-Free. No Mouthpiece Required.

"Zero Alcohol Tolerance" screening and access control solution. Hands free passive alcohol screening with color coded visual prompts and an audible alarm.










PAS Sentry: The "original" high volume 'zero tolerance " screening and access control solution makes alcohol deterrence easy and affordable. Innovative fully automated design can stand alone or be sequenced with existing entry/exits or other access control points. A platinum electrochemical fuel cell sensor of high alcohol specificity, accuracy and stability assures reliable measurements. The operator-controlled sampling system guarantees accurate detection of alcohol, and is especially suited for quick subsequent measurements. Individuals can be processed quickly so no bottlenecking or lost time. Results are indicated with an easily readable color display and audible warnings. Auto or manual override operations-- simply blow or talk to activate the proprietary sampling system and SENTRY does the rest!


  • PAS Sentry Alcohol Screening Unit
  • AC Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Twelve-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor, Two-Year Warranty on Fuel Cell


Product NamePAS Sentry Alcohol Screening System
FunctionCombines both active and passive testing for detecting low levels of alcohol in exhaled breath or the environment.
Alcohol SensorPlatinum Elctrochemical fuel cell generates an electrical current in response to alcohol vapor.
AlarmAudible alarm sounds at 0.02% BAC or above.
SpecificityFuel cell detects only alcohol. It is unaffected by acteone, paint or glue fumes, foods, confectionary, methane, and practically any other substance likely to be found in the breath.
AccuracyMeets Zero Tolerance requirements.
Breath SamplePump runs for 5 seconds and draws in a 1 cu. in. (15ml) air sample (nominal figures).
DisplayColor-coded 9-element LED bargraph and numeric display of approximate alcohol level.
Peak Reading15-20 seconds
Recovery Time1 - 2 minutes after a positive reading; longer if fuel cell is overloaded.
Power Supply110 volt AC electrical outlet
Calibration SystemWet bath simulator
EnvironmentalOperating temperature approximately room temperature.
Dimensions3.0" w x 5.25" h x 1.75" d
WeightApproximately 8 oz.