PAS Vr. Alcohol Screening & Verification System

  • PAS Vr Alcohol Screening Device

Price: $395.00

The PAS Vr is an advanced portable breath alcohol tester (PBT) featuring both passive alcohol screening (no mouthpiece needed) and direct measurements (using a mouthpiece) with the flip of a switch.

The PAS Vr portable breath alcohol tester offers true passive alcohol screening and active breath testing capabilities in one device. Its' dual functionality makes it ideal for screening multiple subjects quickly and then providing quantitative confirmation with a flip of a switch.

Passive Mode: A push of a button, activates the sampling system which draws air into the sensor - NO mouthpiece and NO blowing required. Once a sample is analyzed, a light sensor utilizing nine colored bars will illuminate, from green to red - the more alcohol present, the more bars glow. The user can screen a subject in as little as 15 seconds to determine if alcohol is present on a subject's breath. The PAS Vr can also be used to screen an open container for the presence of alcohol. In passive mode, the PAS Vr is a cost-effective and reliable means of screening for alcohol in Zero Tolerance settings such as school dances, sporting events and on campus.

Active Mode: If alcohol is detected in the passive screening mode, the device can be switched to active/direct mode for verification of the level of alcohol. Once a mouthpiece is attached in active mode, the PAS Vr is a NHTSA certified Alcohol Screening Device (ASD). A numeric value is indicated on the bar graph display verifying the subject's deep lung alcohol concentration (BrAC).


  • Carrying Case                                                         Never Underestimate the Power of Deterrence
  • (5) Mouthpieces                                 Passive alcohol screeners work not only because kids fear being caught,
  • 9 Volt Battery                                     but also because they give students a safety net. Students can "say no"
  • Instruction Manual                             to peer pressure, citing the fear of detection & its consequences.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts/Labor                                                      High School Vice Prinicipal, Pennsylvania
  • 2 Year Fuel Cell Warranty


Product NamePAS Vr Alcohol Screening & Verification System
FunctionCombines both direct and passive testing for detecting low levels of alcohol in exhaled breath or the environment.
Alcohol SensorPlatinum Elctrochemical fuel cell generates an electrical current in response to alcohol vapor.
Cell HeaterBuilt-in heater regulates fuel cell temperatur at 104F (40C).
SpecificityFuel cell detects only alcohol. It is unaffected by acteone, paint or glue fumes, foods, confectionary, methane, and practically any other substance likely to be found in the breath.
AccuracyMeets DOT requirements at 0.020% BrAC (0.005).
Breath SamplePump runs for 5 seconds and draws in a 1 cu. in. (15ml) air sample (nominal figures).
DisplayColor-coded 9-element LED bargraph and numeric display of alcohol level.
Peak Reading2-10 seconds at 104F (40C). Longer at lower temperatures unless fuel cell heater is on.
Recovery TimeA few seconds to  minutes after a positive reading; longer if fuel cell is overloaded. No recovery time if no alcohol is detected.
Power Supply9-volt Alkaline Battery
Battery CapacityApproximately 600 tests.
EnvironmentalOperating temperature range: 0 to 104F (-18 to +40C). The PAS Vr housing is weather resistant.
Dimensions2.75" (6.8cm) w x 4.60" (11.5cm) h x 1.50" (3.8cm) d 
Weight6.5oz (0.2kg) with battery