FAQ Guide

Time and Date on the Home Screen is not holding

  • The back up battery needs to be replaced
  • MARK V & Mercury: The unit must be sent in for service to replace the battery
  • Jupiter: Customer can replace the battery. The back up battery is located in the main battery compartment, underneath the main battery.

Air-blank >0.000%:

  • Check the calibration screen, if value displayed is 0X trailed by two zeroes (i.e. 0X004B or 0X0073), the alcohol did not reach the sensor during last calibration. Recalibrate the device and see if the number changes.
  • Another possibility is a contaminant in the room. Take the unit outside and check the air-blank there.

Always displays “Discontinued, Try Again”:

  • Do not to move the unit until a result is displayed, if problem persists, it is most likely a pressure sensor malfunction that will need to be repaired.

Touch Screen does not work

  • Enter touch screen calibration mode by pressing and holding the power and function button together from the powered off state, follow the on-screen prompts as closely as possible with the stylus. If the problem persists, especially after a shock such as being dropped, the unit may require a software reload in order to restore functionality.

Calibration Needed displays on Startup

  • This indicates that the maximum number of tests between calibrations or the time allowed between calibrations (default: 1 year) has been exceeded.
  • Jupiter and Mercury: Calibration Needed will display on the screen and the unit will make a continuous audible alert. Simply touching the screen will stop the alert and allow you to continue to the main menu.

‘Calibration Needed’ still displays on the screen even after calibration

  • Recalibrate and then return to the home screen and power the device off before taking the accuracy check.

Vertical Streaks on the printout

  • Clean residue from print-head with a very little amount of rubbing alcohol applied to a cotton swab or soft towel. Use of other printer papers than those sold by PAS Systems may cause a rapid buildup of this type.

Charger goes to green, but battery is still dead

  • Battery pack is depleted, a replacement will be needed.

Rechargeable battery is excessively hot or bulged

  • Battery is depleted, do not continue to use.

My Jupiter only works when connected to AC power

  • Battery pack depleted, new battery may be required