Passive Alcohol Sensors

The PAS Clip Mate is a non-intrusive passive/active alcohol detection system built within an aluminum forms holder/clipboard.
PAS V Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
Truly passive alcohol testing- NO mouthpiece and NO blowing required.Professional breathalyzer technology in a passive testing design make it ideal for Zero Alcohol Tolerance settings.
 "Zero Alcohol Tolerance" screening and access control solution. Hands free passive alcohol screening with color coded visual prompts and an audible alarm.
PAS V Passive Alcohol Sensor Flashlight
IF YOU DON'T DETECT... YOU DON'T ARREST  PAS V helps formulate probable cause without the subject's involvement."Sniffs" breath, open containers or enclosed spaces for the presence of alcohol.
PAS Vr Alcohol Screening Device
The PAS Vr is an advanced portable breath alcohol tester (PBT) featuring both passive alcohol screening (no mouthpiece needed) and direct measurements (using a mouthpiece) with the flip of a switch.