Alcovisor MARK V - DOT 3 Evidential Breath Tester with Thermal Printer

Price: $1,295.00

The MARK-V ALCOVISOR® instrument system is NHTSA certified for evidential use. The instrument meets or exceeds the federal model specifications for DOT breath alcohol testing in the workplace.

The MARK V-DOT3 Calibration Kit contains everything you need to perform DOT level workplace alcohol breath testing; from calibrating the instrument to performing/documenting the test. The accurate and affordable MARK V-DOT instrument uses a precision Platinum Electrochemical fuel cell specific for alcohol. It produces results quickly on positive and negative samples and offers both automatic and manual sampling.

NHTSA Certified Evidential Breath Tester
CE Mark
RoHS Approved

This product requires additional Hazmat Shipping fees. Shipments containing HazMat items must ship FedEx Ground.

Save Money without Sacrificing Accuracy

  • Evidential Grade Accuracy
  • Precision Fuel-Cell Technology
  • Unique Compact Design - Fits in your pocket!
  • Saves 10,000 Test Records
  • Easy Mouthpiece Insertion
  • Simple 2-Button Operation
  • Visibility in Low-Light Conditions
  • Calibration and User Settings are Password Protected
  • Minimal Training Required

The MARK V-DOT 3 Kit comes in an upgraded carrying case for maximum portability and convenience. It includes a custom insert designed for storage of a dry gas tank, regulator, and all of the standard MARK V accessories. 

MARK V- DOT 3 Includes:

  • Mark V Alcovisor Professional Breath Alcohol Instrument
  • Upgraded Carrying Case with Calibration Insert
  • Thermal Printer with Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • MARK V USB Printer Cable
  • AC Adapter for Charging Printer Battery
  • 2 Rolls Thermal Print Paper
  • 4 AAA Batteries
  • 5 Mouthpieces
  • Instruction Manual
  • Advanced Settings Manual


  • 34L dry Gas Cylinder (0.08%) 2 AL Kit (includes Push Button Regulator)
  • 100 Additional Mouthpieces
  • 100 ea DOT & Non-DOT Forms
  • Tamper Evident Tape (2 Rolls/Box)

Online BAT/Instrument Proficiency Training Available 


Alcohol SensorPlatinum Electrochemical fuel cell generates an electrical current in response to alcohol vapor.
AccuracyMeets DOT specifications +/- 0.005% up to 0.100% BrAC and +/-5% above 0.100% BrAC
Sample Accuracy0.001% (digital display)
Detection Range0.00 to 0.400 BrAC
Response Time10 seconds or less
Recovery TimeLess than 1 minute
Start-up DelayLess than 1 minute
Sampling SystemAutomatically takes deep lung sample or tests manually
Breath Sample TimeUp to 12 seconds continuous breath - minimum 4 seconds
Unit of Measure% BrAC, mg/l, mg/100ml, or any other units
Working Temperature23F to 131F (-5 to +55C)
Storage Conditions-13F to 158F (-25 to 70C); not more than 95% relative humidity
LCD Display Size2.0" x 1.5" viewing are (5cm x 4cm), Automatic backlight for night time use.
Dimensions5.5" (140mm) x 2.25" (55mm) x 1.25" (30mm)
Weight.43 lbs (195 grams)
Self DiagnosticsProgrammed self-check assures unit is operational upon power up.
Power SupplyBattery pack - holds four (4) AAA disposable Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life500 tests
MemoryCapable of saving 10,000 test results
PumpAutomatically actuated electronic pump - No cocking required
MouthpieceAffordable, sanitary, and individually wrapped
CalibrationAnnually with monthly accuracy checks. Use Wet Bath or Dry Gas
USB CableOptional Printer & Computer interface connection